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By Jason Averbook, CEO, LeapGen

This article is by Featured Blogger Jason Averbook, from his LinkedIn page. Republished with the author’s permission.

It seems that we're always trying to find ways to become more productive in the workplace and in HR, how we serve the workforce, though we never seem to master it completely or sometimes even make traction. While we've seen numerous software on the market helping to make menial tasks work faster, many still dream of a "Star Trek" world where we can chat with a bot and get things accomplished and distribute intelligence instantly.

The impact of bots at work, a great read that is linked here, is almost here thanks to the technology already being in place. If "Star Trek" managed to have some prescience about conversational bots like Siri, the technology still has more room to evolve.

Rather than just conversing with them to find information, what happens when they can start doing real tasks for us to create the ultimate in productivity?

Signs of Workplace Bots on the Horizon

Some recent evidence from a U.S. company shows chat bots could soon permeate all workplace settings. A Boston company called Talla is still perfecting the technology behind a chat bot they designed to aid in office administrative tasks.

So far, they've released a simplified version designed to help manage to-do lists. We are not far though from the chat bot be able to work from the HR perspective in helping new employees learn the ropes in companies such as being on boarded and provide 24X7 workforce support that will be superior to what humans can provide for Tier 0 and Tier 1 support.

It's just the beginning of what Talla hopes to bring to offices around the world. They'll release an update to their chat bot in October with a design ready to help with many more HR and workforce challenges.

Still, it's time to ponder whether chat bots can truly understand our language, and how fast these bots are going to spread.  It is our time to learn now as soon, we will be behind the 8 ball in being ready for this future.

Making Room for More Chat Bots

We're already seeing conversational e-commerce developing quickly, which we'll likely see become mainstream by next year (remember’, learn from consumerization of business). Yet, how do we know bots can truly understand what we say and do the tasks we request?

This is still a major hurdle, and the issue comes in semantics, including potential double meanings. Work is still ongoing in creating smarter AI that truly understands human intentions. When integrating machine learning with chat bots, the latter would likely understand us better, but only after getting to know us a short while.  This is where personalization will come into play, a key trend of mine for 2017. In that regard, it may work like a real human office assistant trying to quickly learn about who you are, leveraging quality data from your HR systems (this is a key to make sure in place to be ready for bot revolution).

It is time for us to get ready.  Read some of the links I have attached and remember, we are creating the future each and everyday, so let’s go!

Originally published on LinkedIn.