Virtual Clinical Trials: Clinical Innovation and Enterprise Adoption | Straight Talk
This month’s edition of CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat brings together an esteemed group of industry thought leaders on how technology is transforming virtual clinical trials and it’s promise for global enterprises. Gathered together on our panel are a group of technology and business experts who will help decipher the issues that make up this complex topic. We begin by getting their insights on how a distributed and decentralized IT system will effect the pharma R&D pipeline. New challenges are leading to greater acceleration in technology adoption, and clinical trials are no different. Then our panel turns their attention to specific instances in which technology has already begun to make a difference in the field. New innovations are placing patients at the heart of process and mainstreaming emerging technologies at a rapid pace. Then arises the question of how exactly the industry is making this transition from the traditional to the cutting edge. The bottom line is that moving beyond the traditional is helping a wider, more diverse array of patients unlike ever before. The steps enterprises must take to ensure a successful transition is the next point of focus. Progress can’t be piecemeal, and technology leaders need to step up and make large changes to ensure growth and innovation. And finally, the panel considers the long-term consequences digital will have on clinical trials as whole. Technology will broaden the reach of clinical trials and ensure critical solutions are discovered faster and will greater access to all. And with that, we offer up our thanks to the panel for a truly illuminating discussion. We will see you back here very soon!