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Digital transformation leaders foresee big changes in areas such as cyber-security, board oversight of technology, the digitization of health care, and the role of the CIO. 

By Straight Talk Editors

Predicting the future is always a dicey game, particularly so in the case of technology. It’s easy to say that the Cloud, the Internet of Things, Big Data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) will be important; it’s more difficult to say exactly how and when.  As Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe has observed: “It’s relatively easy to predict the future. It’s harder to make precise predictions. And it’s hardest to get the timing right.”

That doesn’t discourage the flurry of predictions that inevitably swirl around us at this time of year. They are voiced by technology vendors (who often see the future mainly through the lenses of their own innovations) and by industry analysts (for whom consulting crystal balls seems to be either an occupational hazard or a delightful job requirement).

Earlier this month, we’ve provided a summary of 2016 predictions from Gartner, IDC, and Forrester, and we hope it has helped you with your 2016 planning. At Straight Talk, however, our bias is for listening to practitioners, the people who are managing technology today on the front lines of business competition. Straight Talk was founded 5 years ago on the belief that technology professionals are an often overlooked and untapped source of valuable and actionable insights.

So we decided to tap into the collective wisdom of the Straight Talk community and convene a virtual editorial panel of eight technology executives, asking them one question: “What is your key technology prediction for 2016?” Their answers cover a lot of ground, from technology’s growing business impact to the risks that it creates to the changing role of the CIO to the impact of information technology on its most recent adopter, the healthcare industry.

Here’s what our panel had to say about 2016.

Angela Yochem, Global CIO, BDP International

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