We're back with another CIO Straight Talk tweet chat to answer some important questions. Our expert panel will provide valuable insights into workplace of future. The perfect question to start this session Now it's up to our experts to share their thoughts and insights. Let's find out what kind of technological investment will make employees more productive. Do you want to know how to approach technological investments that will improve employee productivity? Continue reading... Next, we'll look at how to foster measurable digital literacy. Here’s what our experts have to say about this. Let's delve into some strategies for improving employee experience! Scroll down to learn how to improve employee experience! Now that we know what strategies to implement for EX, let's look at who should be in charge of maintaining CX. Who is responsible for EX? Here's what our experts think about it. Before we conclude, we'd like to thank our panelists for this insightful exchange of ideas. Stay tuned for more entertaining and educational tweet chats!