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In continuation of the Workplace Diversity theme, through this CIO Straight Talk tweet chat we’ll delve into one of the biggest barriers to diversity in the workplace – Unconscious Bias. Here’s a look at our panel of experts who will be sharing insights on tackling unconscious bias and fostering inclusion within the organization! Increasing awareness of unconscious bias is not enough. But it’s a start. So let’s get started with our first question! Over to our experts! It’s important to spot the biases and take action to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace! How aware are you of these most prevalent unconscious biases at the workplace! Thank you to our experts for calling out these unconscious and unrecognized biases! Over to our next question! Let’s shed a light on the business functions impacted the most by unconscious biases! We all have a shared responsibility to break the bias. To understand why, we need to understand the high impact it could have in personal and professional lives. We hope these insights will help you understand the benefits of diversity! How well is your organization faring with its diversity and inclusion policies? Here’s how organizations can step up to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed! And this brings an end to our tweet chat! But let’s consider this as an opportunity to bring more awareness and inspire action around unconscious biases! A big thank you to all the experts for sharing their insights and being a part of this highly important workplace conversation.