Did you know that women make up only 10% of the C-suite? In this CIO Straight Talk tweet chat held on International Women’s Day, women in leadership discuss the current state and the future of diversity & equity in workplaces. Here’s a look at our power-packed panel for today! So let’s begin by understanding our panel’s views on the progress so far… Over to our experts! The needle is indeed moving slowly. And the pandemic could be a huge reason if not the only one. What do you think? Let’s get some in-depth insights on the impact of the pandemic on gender diversity at the workplace! We cannot change what we are not aware of. And once we are aware, we cannot help but change. This quote is the perfect introduction for our next question! Let’s hear what our experts have to say! We truly hope these insights will help start the right conversations in these fields and do their part to break the bias! How is your organization ensuring gender diversity and workplace equity? Over to our final question of the day on empowering a gender-diverse workforce! For organizations trying to make the work environment a diverse and inclusive one, here are some tips from our experts to make it possible! And that’s a wrap! A big thank you to the experts who joined us today, making this session an incredibly insightful one for everyone. And while this tweet chat may have come to an end, let us ensure that we continue this conversation in our workplaces and in our societies in order to truly make a difference.