In this CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we gather together global industry leaders to discuss how the future of cybersecurity will evolve as digital advancements continue to unfold. Our Power Panel of international experts are here to lead the way. We start things of by assessing future possibilities and change that is likely to shape the cybersecurity as we know it. Even as the threat landscape broadens, new tools like AI will continue to evolve our defenses. Human vulnerabilities will continue to need constant mitigation. Next, we looker deeper at the exact role advanced technologies will play in our digital defenses. Advanced technologies will be instrumental in managing the growing scale, processing, and coverage necessary in the face of advanced threats. Next, the panel explores the role of cybersecurity in board-level decision making. Organizations will have to take a top-down security initiative if they truly want to achieve a resilient enterprise network and secure their data assets. Securing the impact or possibility of human error is the focus of the next question. A combination of old school training with next-generation automation can go a long way to protecting the enterprise. And finally, we take on the matter of the new skill sets that play a critical role in ensuring we’re prepared for the future. Strong partnerships with area experts will be necessary as will the overall investment in automation and in-house training. And with that we conclude another scintillating session! We’ll be back very soon!