Can blockchain transform the financial services and bring about more equitable and inclusive digital economy. In today’s CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, our industry experts discuss the implications of blockchain for our financial future. Here’s a glimpse of our industry leaders that will provide insights into blockchain. Your Journey into the world of blockchain begins now. Here’s the first question! And now… over to our experts to share their opinions on this! These were some really great insights into how blockchain has disrupted the financial service industry. Let’s move to the next question. Let’s see the reason as to why blockchain can transform the financial services. Traditional finance has failed to reach everyone. How will blockchain bridge the gap? Let’s get some in-depth insights from our leaders on this matter! An inclusive and equitable economy is needed by all. Can blockchain achieve that? Scroll down to learn about an equitable and inclusive digital economy through blockchain. Our final question elaborates about the implications of digital economy on our future. Here are some fantastic points made by our leaders! And this brings us to the end of our tweet chat! A big thank you to our experts who joined us today! We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new today; we promise to return with more interesting and valuable topics soon. Keep an eye out!