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The latest edition of our CIO Straight Talk tweet chat answers some of the most asked questions in the EdTech space. And to answer these questions, we’ve brought together experts from the education and technology sector! Let’s get this chat session going with our very first question on the right tech strategy for better education. Let’s hear the thoughts and opinions of our experts on this. After looking at what companies should consider, let’s also look at why they should consider it and how tech is transforming education! Let’s look at the significant role of AI and Mixed Reality in the education sector to understand this… Next Up: We dive into the power of digital learning platforms in creating new and better student engagements! Here’s what our experts have to say about it… But the path to transformation is often rocky and rough. Our experts now address how these challenges can be overcome for a smooth transformation. So what does the future hold for EdTech? AI, Analytics and IoT are transforming industries. Shall we see how they can transform education to make it more experiential? This has been an amazing tweet chat session! Thank you to all our power panelists for taking time out to share such valuable insights with all of us. We look forward to seeing students of the future solving real-world problems with the help of tech and experiential learning!