Can smart cities drive economic growth and help build a sustainable future? In this CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, we bring you industry experts to discuss the role of smart cities and technology in improving our lives. Here’s a glimpse of our smart and power-packed panel! On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you agree that smart cities improve our quality of life? Over to our experts to understand their thoughts and opinions on this matter! The best way to predict the future is to create it. Want to know the key technologies that can make this smart and sustainable future possible? Let’s get some in-depth insights from our experts on this matter! Now that we know the crucial tech behind smart cities, let’s move on to understand their role in promoting safe and equitable communities… Our experts weigh in on the benefits of a smart city ecosystem… Tech is human innovation in action! Do you agree? Keep scrolling for insights on a better future… Our final question sheds light on areas neglected by advancements in tech and future innovations! Here are some excellent POVs from our experts on this matter! And this brings us to the end of our tweet chat! A big thank you to our experts who joined us today! We hope you found this CIO Straight Talk tweet chat engaging and informative. Stay tuned for more!