We’re back with another edition of our CIO Straight Talk tweet chat to answer some of the most asked questions in Tech. Powered by our panel of experts, this time, we discuss the future of the 5G revolution and explore its endless possibilities for industries! The perfect question to begin our chat session! Let’s see what our experts have to say about this. Now that we have a fair idea of the benefits of 5G, let’s also look at the security aspects of this advancement! Want to know how you can ensure security in your 5G transformation journey? Keep scrolling… Next Up: We take a look at the significance of the cloud during this transformation. Here’s what our experts have to say about the power of the cloud… Now that we’ve established that 5G and the cloud are perfect companions, let’s also learn about the role of CSPs in this transformation. According to our experts, CSPs need to consider the below points to transition smoothly into the future. Our final question talks about the challenges of a 5G transformation journey. If you want to leverage the powerful force of 5G, you need to have a deep understanding of the hurdles associated with it. And that’s a wrap! A BIG thank you to today’s panelists for the great insights shared on 5G for industries. We hope this has been an engaging session for our audience too. Stay tuned for our next tweet chat!