We’re back with another edition of our CIO Straight Talk tweet chat! This time we’re bringing together industry experts to talk about the next phase of partnerships and collaborations to help companies innovate and grow. A sneak peek of our power panel that will unleash their insights on business partnerships as a competitive advantage! Let’s begin with the first question on new kinds of partner relationships. Unique, meaningful, purpose-driven partnerships are the key to innovation and business continuity. The need for agile innovation and collaboration is the greatest lesson learnt in 2020. Let’s shed some light on this through our next question! Over to our experts for some examples of redefined partnerships… Keep scrolling for more insights on the evolving nature of partnerships since 2020. Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat. Businesses had to do just that in order to survive beyond 2020. Let's find out what our experts have to say about it! So is there actually a formula to success? Our experts weigh in with their thoughts... Before we wrap up another insightful session, let’s understand the dynamics of making the new partnership ecosystem work. So this is how YOU can make the most of your partnerships! And that’s a wrap! Thank you to our power panel for helping us all understand more about the power of collaborations to innovate! We’ll see you next time with more insights to maximize business value!