In this edition of CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we bring together a global panel of thought leaders to share their views on how we can ignite innovative thinking that can help us face the challenges of our era. Our enthusiastic panel of experts represent the leading minds from a wide range of domains. We kick things off as the panel takes the bull by the horns to discuss the obstacles we face going forward. Coping and adapting to an uncertain future will require organizations to drive agility and adaptation. Next, we turn our attention to the potential silver linings with some instances of success in our endeavor to charge forward. The scale of the challenges have been met by a renewed audacity to make greater leaps in digital adoption and transformation. The panel discuss the importance of collaboration between stakeholders towards driving innovation. As the old saying goes – you go faster alone, but you go farther together. We’re definitely in this together. Next, our panel take on the dilemma between the two greatest drivers of innovation – technology vs. customers. It’s not even a debate – the customer always comes first. And finally, our panel takes on the moral and ethical aspects of innovation thinking. All innovation is in the service of human welfare and it should be forefront in our long-term strategic thinking. Thanks to our Power Panel for making this an amazing discussion. We will be back again soon!