In this edition of the CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, industry experts join us for a stimulating discussion on technology trends, quantum computing, and the next decade of digital transformation Here’s a glimpse of the brilliant panel of experts we’ve lined up for you! Let’s begin this insightful tweet chat with our first question! Over to our experts to share their thoughts and opinions on this! Staying resilient in the next wave of digital transformation is all about your mindset, adaptability, and innovation. But how can you be sure about the viability of emerging technologies like quantum computing? Let’s take a look at what our experts have to say… Now let’s also understand the possible roadblocks while adopting revolutionary technologies… Our experts talk about the next-gen technology challenges faced today by businesses across industries. Innovation is all about people and culture! Let’s look at what innovation can lead to… Our experts shed light on a future turbo-charged with Quantum. Let’s dig deep and talk about the industries that could potentially change the game in the next decade! Is your business part of these industries? Before we end this session, we want to thank our panelists for this valuable exchange of ideas and insights. Stay tuned for more engaging and informative tweet chats!