#STinsights #COVID19
In this edition of Straight Talk Tweet chat, we discuss the new dangers and threats faced by organizations as they shift to a en masse remote work model. We are joined by a Power Panel of industry leaders who share their insights on this critical issue. We kick the session off by discussing the digital vulnerabilities of remote work. Malicious agents will always be quick to take advantage during times of crisis by any means necessary. An unprecedented crisis is the doorway to new knowledge and realizations. Enterprises must develop digital resilience not only in their infrastructure but their workforce as well. Of course, enterprises are taking a number of steps to proactively address these threats. A holistic approach that encompasses worker training and systems enhancement is the way forward. Being prepared for disruption demands that follow the best ideas and processes. Ensuring that best practices are followed at every level can mitigate major risks. And finally, our panel explains what we can expect in a post-pandemic world. The nature of work will shift beyond offices and workplaces to accommodate the needs of a post-pandemic world. And with that, we wrap up another illuminating session with our esteemed panel. We wish you the best of health and safety. Until next time!