#STinsights #COVID-19
In this edition CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we assemble a power panel of technology leaders to discuss advancements in the Lifesciences and Healthcare industry during the current crisis. Our panel of industry experts are eager to share their expertise and insight on the topic. We begin by discussing how the COVID-19 crisis is driving major transformations in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Technology has become a key factor with telemedicine becoming a critical outcome in current times. Next, our panel shares their experiences and observations of new technologies and practices in the industry arising from this change. It appears that everything from augmented reality to analytics has empowered solutions unlike anything before. Next, the panel explores how these changes will impact the people and structures underpinning traditional industry systems. Client convenience and system transparency are the key achievements arising from this transformation. The matter of sustaining these changes becomes our next point of focus. Given the clear benefits and rising need, there doesn’t appear to be any way to put the genie back in the bottle. And finally, our panel discuss how current experiences have helped drive resilience in government and businesses against future risks and disruptions. Institutions will need to be more agile with policy formation in order to retain and ensure future benefits. And with that we end another amazing session! Stay safe and stay healthy! Until next time!