In this edition of the CTO Straight Talk tweet chat, we’re joined by industry experts to share their perspectives, challenges, and expectations on the combined potential of Iot and the Cloud. A glimpse of the power panel we’ve put together for you today to discuss Iot and the Cloud. Let’s dive into the possibilities of the Cloud and Iot for businesses today. Cloud is, without a doubt, a platform for fostering and accelerating innovation in business ecosystems. So, while cloud and IoT can open up new possibilities, is the transition truly seamless, or are there any roadblocks to be mindful of? Our experts list down the challenges businesses encounter while integrating the Cloud with Iot But, if done right, the challenges do outweigh the opportunities. Fortune companies, automobile and shipping giants, clean energy solution pioneers and more—all rely on the Cloud and Iot! Can cloud help solve the last mile problem? Keep scrolling to know what our experts have to say about this. As we reach the end of our insightful discussions, let’s take a look at what the future holds for Iot and emerging technologies. From NFTs to quantum computing, combined with IoT, this could be the start of major breakthroughs! A huge thank you to our power panel for sharing such great insights! Stay tuned for more engaging and insightful tweet chats!