Welcome back to CIO Straight talk! In this edition we bring together a panel of leaders (and cricket fans) to discuss the future of the sport in a digital world. We’re thrilled to be joined by some of the brightest minds in business and technology! Right of the crease, we start by taking a closer look at the actual impact technology has had on the beloved sport. Everything from quality of play to the spectator experience has transformed with the rise of technology. Next, we look at the trends from an audience perspective. Live streaming, mobile displays, and entertainment anywhere is fundamental to this change. But there are challenges on every path… As a sport that operates on every level, scaling and justifying cost-benefits remains key. Have come so far, so quickly, we can’t help but wonder where we’ll end up next. With new technologies still on the horizon, the future is as promising and uncertain as ever. And finally, we look at how the innovations brought up by cricket can translate to other sports. With virtual audiences on the rise, there are many similar ways in which all sports can adapt and grow. And with that, we conclude another scintillating discussion. Our greatest thanks to the panel! See you all very soon!