In this edition of CTO Straight Talk Tweet chat, our panel of industry experts discuss how Cloud-based PLM will engage with the new realities of global business. We’re joined by an illustrious panel who will offer us a wide array of expertise and experience on this topic. We kick things off by discussing the core motivators of change for heavy industries. The “new normal” demands agility above all and cloud is a key enabler on this quest. But of course, there are always challenges that delay progress. Making big changes requires an end-to-end transformation of people, technology, and processes. Next, our panel shares some instances which can show us how it can be done. Numerous early adopters have already achieved great success and are a beacon to the future. The nature of partnerships among stakeholders can make or break future possibilities. Democratizing access to data can fuel greater collaboration and progress. And finally, we discuss how the landscape of technology adoption is shaping up around the world. There is a promising trend across the globe but there is much more to be done as we revolutionize manufacturing in the “new normal”. With that, we wrap up another session! See you next time!