In this edition of CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, a panel of global technology thought leaders will share their views on how core engineering thinking can drive next-gen customer experiences. Our Power Panel of experts includes an esteemed group of technology and business leaders from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. We start the discussion by assessing how digital has already changed or is changing the nature of customer expectations. Greater personalization, customization, and proactive customer-centric services appear to be on the rise as technology becomes smarter. Next, the panel discusses the different ways businesses can leverage digital to improve on customer expectations. Delivering a human experience is key, even when it’s powered by automation. Next, the panel looks at the how digital engineering connects to driving customer experience outcomes. As with any tool, it’s only as good as the craftsperson that wields it – so business leaders need to carefully establish solution designs and business models to ensure optimal outcomes. Next, our panel takes on the most significant challenges that stand in the way of delivering lasting results. The large scale of initial investment still appears to be the greatest bottleneck to generating next-generation experiences. And finally, our panel discusses instances of success in the field and what we can learn from them. Despite the growing pains involved, there are real gains to be had when the solution is designed and implemented effectively. Thanks to our Power Panel for making this an amazing discussion. We will be back again soon!