In this edition of the CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, we are joined by industry experts to discuss the role of Data and AI in creating hyper-personalized experiences for customers. A quick look at the industry experts part of our power panel today! And the first question is… What do you think? Let’s hear from our experts on a data-first approach! Some compelling points on the value of data as we move to a hyper-personalized future! Let’s move on to our next question… CX is undoubtedly a key driver for brands. Here are some insights on enhancing it! Keep scrolling for more insights on digital personalization! Now let’s have a look at the key enablers of this hyper-personalized future! So do you think more data equals more customer success? Relevancy and personalization when it comes to data is key. The right insights can unlock the right path! And our final question of the day is… Are frictionless human experiences a part of your business strategy? We hope you enjoyed this edition of our tweet chat! Thank you to our panel of experts for this informative session. Stay tuned for many more interesting and valuable conversations.