We’re back with yet another edition of the CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, joined by cyber experts to discuss the significance of cyber resilience in a turbulent threat landscape. A glimpse of our power panelists who led future-ready conversation! And now let’s begin with the first question! Let’s hear from our experts to know how organizations can survive the evolving threat landscape! Some interesting POVs on cybersecurity and cyber resilience! Let’s move on to our next question… Cyber-attacks are catastrophic and that’s why is more important than ever to stay a step ahead! Here’s how - The answer to our next question will determine the success of your organization! Some important points to keep in mind while building a cyber-resilience program! Only a preventative cybersecurity program isn’t enough! Scroll for more insights on the power of cyber resilience… Let’s hear from our experts on creating resilient ecosystems! Cyber resilience is a lifeline for businesses! Wouldn’t you agree? Here’s how you can measure the true impact of your cyber-resilience program! We hope you take away these valuable inputs to prepare your organizations for the future! A big thank you to our panel of experts for this engaging tweet chat. Do follow our Twitter account @CIOStraightTalk for more updates and insights.