In this edition of CIO Straight talk, we gather a panel of industry experts to take on the topic of technology ecosystems and business innovation. We’re thrilled to be joined by an exciting panel of technology and industry experts. We start things off by discussing how the pandemic has changed enterprise collaboration. Ecosystems of solutions and services have emerged as the answer to the pains of the pandemic. Next, we take on the matter of how brand cycles relate to these new ecosystems. Responsive and adaptable brands have been able to make the most of the new business landscape. And of course, this has in many ways shifted the business realities of the industry as well. The ecosystem economy is simply an evolution of the pre-pandemic ecosystem movement. We also touch up on the challenges that this transformation poses. Businesses have to be more proactive and experimental in order to find the right solutions. And finally, the panel looks ahead to the future. The world is clearly at an inflection point in everything from processes to partnership models. And with that, we conclude another interesting edition of CIO Straight talk. Our thanks to the panel for their insights. Until next time!