#STinsights #COVID19
As the world rapidly adapts to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it is only fitting that this month’s Straight talk Tweet Chat focus on the innovations and shifts taking place in how we think of the modern workplace. To enlighten our discussion on the idea of Fluid Workplace, we are joined by an esteemed panel of tech thinkers from across the world. We kick things off by discussing the myriad of ways technology holds some answers. Businesses have to proactively think digital and plan for disruptions to business continuity. However, making these changes is not always an easy process. Organizations that possess a digital culture and adaptable processes are more likely to thrive. The best practices of remote working are key to ensuring success. Communication, flexibility, and empathy are key drivers to ensuring smooth operations. Perhaps, the shift to remote working can add untapped value to how business operates. Breaking away from entrenched old habits is a good start, but the benefits can be legion only if we follow through in this new paradigm. And finally, we have to wonder what lies ahead in the aftermath. Enterprises can’t afford to be surprised again and continuous adaptation is the only way to survive. With that, we end another scintillating Straight talk Tweet Chat. We thank our panelists and wish all of you the best of health.