In this month’s CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we bring together a global panel of thought leaders to share their views on how enterprises need to address the new security threats brought on by the rapid adoption of cloud. Our elite Power Panel includes business and technology experts who will share their seasoned perspectives. We start with how business leaders need to tackle the challenge of migrating to the cloud. Coherency and ease of use are key drivers for any security policy for any cloud migration initiative. Next, the panel tackles the tough issue of the tradeoffs between security and efficiency. Bad news travels fast and in the face of increasing scrutiny, it’s imperative to drive security as an efficiency enabler. And this is where we dive in deep on the different perspectives defining zero-trust. As the cloud opens up more possibilities, it also lets in new dangers – and ensuring water-tight security is rooted within zero-trust. Next, the panel discusses the immense value cloud brings in times of major disruptions and secures operations for the future. While the cloud can play a key role, it’s always good practice to augment its recovery capabilities with third-party services. And finally, we close the discussion with our panel explaining the proactive, defensive capabilities within the cloud environment. True security begins with individuals and is maginified when supported by a workplace that is driven and enabled by clear security policies, governance, and tools. Thanks to our Power Panel for making this an amazing discussion. We will be back again soon!