Here’s a look at our recent CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, where we brought together tech leaders to talk about the best ways to secure your enterprise cloud. Keep an eye out for our upcoming tweet chats for real-time answers to your most wanted business questions. Topic We’ve lined up a brilliant panel of leaders in tech for insights on Cloud Security! So let’s begin this insightful journey with our first question! Our experts offer their opinions on the “most talked about” cloud trends. Accelerated cloud adoption is also leading to more complexities. How can businesses deal with this for a smooth transformation journey? Be proactive, not reactive! Our experts tell you why… With great power, comes great vulnerabilities. Is that true? Let’s find out! Our experts shed light on the importance of a cloud security mindset… The right cloud strategy will both empower your business and keep it secured too. Let’s find out what our experts have to say about this! Cloud security is critical not just for business continuity, but also business reputation. Our experts share few important points to ensure security and compliance to keep your business and reputation safe. Thank you very much to our expert panel for sharing such valuable information! Stay tuned for more interesting and informative tweet chats!