In this Women’s Day edition of CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we are privileged to be joined by an awe-inspiring panel of women leaders to discuss the challenges facing gender parity in business. Our esteemed panel of women business leaders are eager to get started and share their experienced insights with the audience. The panel doesn’t pull any punches as they discuss the barriers preventing women from achieving leadership roles in the workplace. From elementary education to entrenches, outmoded attitudes by older generation executives – the odds are stacked against women but things are changing for the better. The panel shares their personal stories of the challenges and obstacles they’ve faced because of their gender in their professional journeys. The more things change, the more they stay the same – but together we can act to improve organizational culture. The panel takes on some critical action points to bringing down barriers to entry for women in the workplace. Equitable opportunities are a must and being an advocate for the cause is a key leadership responsibility for all executives. Next, the panel discuss the role women leaders have to play in creating a more equitable workplace for women. Driving systemic change is key to changing culture but it’s built on personal bonds like mentorships and support. For the final question, they discuss the troubling issue of gender parity in STEM for the future. For any business paying attention, the answer is clear – greater inclusivity and parity generates innovation and profit. Our sincerest appreciation and thanks to our panel of powerful women for sharing their insights and stories. Until next time! Happy Women’s Day/Month!