In this edition of the CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, industry experts discuss the role of Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the digital world Here’s a peek into the panel of experts we’ve lined up for you! This is going to be a very engaging session! So without further delay, let’s begin with our first question! And now… over to our experts to share their opinions on this! Now that we’ve established the significance behind IAM in digital transformation journeys, let’s ask the experts for some insights on best practices! Is your organization following these best practices? We ask our experts the million-dollar question - how do we close the skill gap? Let’s hear what they have to say! Keep scrolling for more insights on safeguarding your identity journey! Our experts now explore the advantages of IAM in the long run. Are you convinced? Let’s now move on to our final question of the day! Does your organization consider these important measures to gauge the effectiveness of IAM programs? And that’s a wrap! We hope it was an engaging and insightful session for everyone and promise to be back with some more interesting and valuable topics soon. Stay tuned!