Welcome to CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat where we will be discussing the rising impact of automation and hearing on the topic from a global panel of technology thought leaders. Our elite Power Panel of technology and business experts can’t wait to share their perspectives and knowledge. We begin by first taking an overview of the technical aspects of AI and Ml, and how they’re reshaping automation as we know it. The convergence of new technologies towards intelligent automation is clearly greater than the sum of its parts. Next, the panel shares their views on how this rising trend will impact various industries and their value chains. There is a trend towards a paradigm shift in business driven by the productivity and agility unleashed by intelligent automation. The panel takes a granular look at how modern workplaces are changing and will change as automation becomes more prevalent. The core of automation lies in unleashing human creativity and potential to focus on human-tasks and leaving behind the routine, repetitive manual labor of yester years. But of course, change does not come easy and there still remain a number of challenges yet to overcome. The concerns about empowering the human workforce is at the top of the list as machines take over greater volumes of work. And finally, no great change can be accomplished without great learning and unlearning. The panel shares theirs thoughts on how to make this change effective. Putting humans at the center of the discussion helps crystalize priority areas and establish frameworks that can lead to a sustainable future. And with that, we’re done! Our deepest thanks to our Power Panel for sharing their valuable time and insights on this urgent issue. Until next time!