In this edition of the CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, industry experts join us to discuss adopting a tailored zero trust approach for enterprises. Here’s a peek into the panel of experts we’ve lined up for you! And now the first question for this engaging session! Now over to our experts to share their thoughts and opinions. Now that we know where and when to begin our Zero Trust journey, let’s ask the experts for some insights on the major market trends. Did you know about these market trends? Now let’s also understand the best practices organization should follow while integrating Zero Trust. Here’s some of the best practices according to our experts. Let's delve into the significance of identity and access management! Keep scrolling to what our experts have to say. Let’s dig deep and talk about the challenges of implementing Zero Trust within an enterprise. Here’s what are experts have to say about this. And that’s the end, we'd like to thank our panelists for this insightful exchange of ideas. We promise to be back with some more interesting and valuable topics soon. Stay tuned!