#STinsights #COVID-19
In this CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, our global panel of technology leaders discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the need for faster digital transformation for global organizations. We’re joined by a Power Panel of industry experts eager to get things started. We kick things off with a discussion about the challenges with a distributed and remote workplace. Over communication and empowering remote workers with the right tools is a foundational step. Next, our experts debate how the new ways of working differ and the right way to think about success. Customer focus, experience, and speed remain unchanged even during times of disruption. Next, our panel considers if new ways of working require new structures and the challenges they can pose. It’s clear that teams need to be more autonomous while ensuring clear visibility across levels. The issue of consistent employee productivity in the long run is a pertinent query for our panel. In an outcome oriented world, the metrics of productivity remain the same – excellence and innovation. And finally, our panel zero in on how leadership plays a key role in ensuring success. So, while the future lies uncertain, a leader’s focus doesn’t change – empowering teams and driving outcomes. And with we end another amazing session! Until next time!