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After a decade of industry 4.0: What’s NeXT for the industry. In this CIO Straight Talk tweet chat, we bring you industry experts to discuss Industry 4.0 and its future. A glimpse of our power panelists who led future-ready conversation! Let’s deep dive into Industry 4.0 with our first question. Over to our experts to understand their thoughts and opinions on this matter! These were some great insights on the state of digital transformation. Let’s move on to the second question Let’s learn and understand the best ways to future proof businesses. Let’s see some of the common myths everyone believes about industry 4.0 Let’s get some in-depth insights from our industry experts! Currently CIOs are an important part of an organization. Are they relevant in the business resilience era? Scroll down to see how CIO’s must adapt for the future. Let’s see what the future lies for Industry 4.0. Here are some great points made by the industry experts! This brings us to the end of our tweet chat! A very big thank you to all the experts who joined us today! We hope you insightful and you learned something new today; we promise to return with more interesting and valuable topics soon. Keep an eye out!