Steve Lee

Chief Information Officer
Changi Airport Group

The Changi Airport Group (Singapore) operates and manages Singapore's Changi Airport. The Group is responsible for airport operations and management, air hub development, commercial ventures, and airport emergency services.

Steve Lee has a rich experience of working across many industries where has built up an expertise in operations management, e-commerce & IT strategy management. He believes IT is a business enabler and has used his IT skills to lead the digital transformation at the Changi Airport Group, to make it the world’s best airport. He has a Master’s degree in Operations Research from Naval’s Postgraduate School, in the United States.

Here are some key takeaways from Steve’s interview:

Treating employees like customers makes Changi Airport the world’s best

Changi Airport today is a smart airport where IoT and data have been the key technology enablers. For them, decision making always keeps the consideration of employees and customers in mind. And with instant feedback systems, all raised issues are attended to promptly. 

Cybersecurity and user experience have to be balanced

Cybersecurity is a core pillar of smart airports but ensures that the end-user experience, for employees and customers, is never compromised.  Big Data is a great way to understand our users more accurately and improve our services accordingly.

CIOs need to be multifaceted

As technologies become more pervasive, CIOs need to go beyond recommending solutions. They need to help create business models and operating concepts. 

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