Royan Pereira

Dodsal Engineering & Construction

Dodsal Engineering is a Dubai-based diversified multinational group which operates in the areas of engineering and construction, infrastructure development and management, exploration of hydrocarbons and mining of minerals and metals for the energy sector, trading activities, and quick service restaurants.

Royan Pereira has over 18 years of global experience covering IT Management, Application Pre-sales, Program Management, Supply Chain & Logistics Operations, Client Relationship Management, and Team Management. He is a solution architect for complex solutions spanning across ERP (SCM, CRM, HRMS, Financials, Projects, Manufacturing, Primavera, Unifier and Instance Hardware), Portal, DMS, BI (OBIEE, Qlikview, QlikSense, Tableau, PowerBi) & Automation Frameworks. He was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science from St. Philomena’s College, and an MBA from Mangalore University.

Here are some key takeaways from Royan’s interview:

The role of IT in enabling digital transformation

IT needs to act as the unifying interface which gives decision makers the tools and intelligence that spans across the complexity of IT and business.

Using digital technologies to enhance the customer experience

Customers for a large company like Dodsal include all stakeholders – end customers, internal functional leaders, and vendors. Digital technologies need to serve all three and connect them to the core business, through tools like visual analytics to create a seamless flow of information.

The ways digital technology is transforming the industry

Technology trends are flattening out and converging, tools that were once novel are now the norm. IT leaders need to anticipate and embrace change.

How aspiring IT leaders can achieve their goals

Understand the end-customer perspective and develop a core business domain knowledge that connects you to the overarching goals of the organization. Grounding yourself in a core business function is key for any IT leader.

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