Rosalee Hermens

Chief Information Officer
True Value

(UPDATE: In May 2018, Rosalee Hermens was named to the Board of Directors and an Advisor, Hermens & Associates)

Rosalee Hermens is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at True Value, a retailer-owned cooperative of 4,000 independent hardware stores. Prior to joining True Value in 2011, she was CIO of Timberland, the maker of shoes and outdoor wear, and CIO at Aspen Technology, a global software company. She also has spent part of her career as an independent IT consultant on strategic management, organization and technology. She is a graduate of the the University of Oregon and Yale University. True Value, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the world’s leading hardlines wholesalers, using its 70 years of experience and globally recognized brand to serve more than 4,400 independent hardware retailers in 60 countries.   In this interview, Rosalee talks about:

  • How IT is creating value at True Value.
  • Managing change when introducing a new technology product
  • How aspiring women IT leaders can get ahead