Rahul Chitale

Chief Information Officer
GetIt Infomedia

Getit Infomedia is an India based digital information platform service and e-commerce platform that operates across mobile, internet and voice channels.

Rahul Chitale currently holds the position of CIO at Getit. He is a Software & Cloud Services Professional and has experience in product engineering, delivery, architecture and consultative selling. Prior to joining Getit, Rahul held the position of Director - Cloud Services at Microsoft India, where he helped set up Microsoft Services Global Delivery to ensure customers maximize the value of their Microsoft investments.

Here are some key takeaways from Rahul’s interview:

Analytics help businesses give customers what they want

Analytics helps organizations reduce the feedback loop with customers. Analytics helps make sense of the humongous amounts of customer engagement data available, so businesses can understand their customers better. 

Functional expertise and the ability to attract talent is critical for leaders

Leaders need to be able to understand the numbers and information presented to them and verify it, if necessary. They key is being detail-oriented. Leaders also need to be able to build and recruit the right talent.

Deriving value from data analytics

Customers are doing less with their devices in the sense that they expect their platforms to be much smarter. We have access to an incredible amount of data but unless we ‘sweat it out’ and analyze it to derive value, it’s useless.

The next generation of IT Leaders need to be critical thinkers

Aspiring IT leaders need to learn to question everything, go back to the basics and think critically to get fresh perspectives on what is presented as fact today.

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