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Prakash Muthukrishnan

Chief Technology Officer
Purchasing Power LLC

Prakash Muthukrishnan is Chief Technology Officer for Purchasing Power LLC, an e-retailer that offers individuals, through their employers, consumer products, vacations, and online education services through a payment plan. Prakash was credited with developing Purchasing Power’s award-winning mobile website and app, a strategic initiative that now accounts for more than 50% of gross customer sales and won the company a Bronze Stevie Award in 2015. Additionally, under his leadership, his team won the SAP Hybris North America “Success Story of the Year” award in 2016.

In this video he talks about:

  • A favorite company, Blockbuster Video, and his experiences working there.
  • Some of the significant technology-enabled changes in his organization.
  • His advice on fostering innovation in an organization.
  • Quoting movies to communicate business ideas.
  • Elements of his leadership style.

About Purchasing Power:

Since 2001, Purchasing Power's mission is to help employees find relief from the financial stress associated with high-interest payments for purchases. They give employees access to the items they need and affordably spread payments across 12 months to give them peace of mind and control over their finances. Their pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees, no interest, no credit checks. They do this to improve employee financial well-being, to empower people to take control of their lives through disciplined spending, to help businesses gain and retain more productive, engaged and satisfied employees.