Marclino Fernandez

Head - IT and Service Delivery
Al Nisr

The Al Nasir Publishing company produces some of the largest selling media content in the United Arab Emirates, with more than ten media titles including the nation’s leading newspaper.

With more than 27 years of IT experience, Marclino Fernandes is currently managing a team of professionals including service-delivery managers, ITIL managers, web developers, technicians, IT architects, and functional support across a wide spectrum of applications: Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP), Editorial Content Management Systems, and Web Content Management systems, among others. He has worked in companies such as SAP and International Computers Limited.

Key takeaways from Marclino’s interview:

Changing role of a CXO in the 21st Century

CIOs have gone from delivering operational solutions to contributing innovation across business and enabling collaboration. CIOs are now a part of the business rather than just providing a service.

Organizational change required for the changing digital trends

Cultural mindsets need to change with digital technologies. This can be difficult for traditional businesses but organizations need to embrace this change with a millennial way of thinking.

Digitalization enabling innovation

In media, speed is a key aspect of innovation. Technology needs to make operations agile and satisfy the customers need faster. This can be achieved as technology allows collaboration within the organization from the front-end to the back-end.

Media Industry in the next five years

In the West, the print medium is a problem and monetization of digital is still a challenge. But for the Asian market, there is still time but it needs to catch up to the customer’s expectations and needs.

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