Malia Hodges

Oncor Electric Delivery

Malia has assisted with rebuilding and redesigning Oncor’s IT function. She has worked on the Customer Experience Initiative, led the IT Program Office and its largest initiative—the Mainframe Modernization Program and Customer Platform Program—and served on the Vantage Point Steering Committee. Hodges is passionate about elevating the importance of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professions.

In this interview, Malia discusses:

  • Evolution of the role of women in business
  • Mentorship and its importance
  • Importance of maintaining a work life balance
  • Advice to male executives on supporting women in their team
  • Oncor’s strategy for diversity

About Oncor Electric:

Oncor Electric Delivery Company is Texas's largest transmission and distribution electric utility, the 6th largest in the USA, serving more than 10 million Texans living in 401 cities and 91 counties in the state.