Lateef Khan

General Manager
Mercury Marine

Lateef Khan has more than 23 years of experience helping customers embrace digital transformation. Prior to joining Mercury Marine as General Manager for Digital Services and Solutions in 2017, he spent 17 years at GE Healthcare, where he rose through the ranks to become Senior Director – Technical Product Management. Lateef earned his Bachelor’s degree in Science from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

Mercury Digital Services is the Produce Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting business of marine propulsion technology leader, Mercury Marine. The company provides technical services and solutions such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) assessments, digital transformation road-mapping, Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things implementation, CAD to PLM integration, and digital manufacturing.

Key takeaways from Lateef’s interview:

Disruptors of engineering services

AI and blockchain are going to disrupt enterprise applications. For manufacturers, the concepts of horizontal connectivity and digital twins (the digital replicas of physical assets, processes and systems) will need to be watched closely in order to stay competitive.

Digital solutions in product lifecycles

Products will soon be observed in terms of their digital twin, which aggregates all parts of the product from start to end, including product development, manufacturing and use in the field. That will be the true digital product lifecycle solution.

Engineering companies increasingly going ‘beyond a product’

We are increasingly embracing a systemic point of view when talking about product. A true product is the entire system of its parts, functions, and final use. The way that a product is now being used and the things it interacts with is changing, and that has changed the way people look at products today.

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