Lars Gunnarsson

Business Solutions Manager

IKEA is a Swedish founded, Dutch-based multinational group known the world over as a leading home furnishing retailer. The company operates over 400 stores in 49 countries known for their design and ready-to-assemble furniture.

Lars Gunnarsson has over 20 years of experience in global enterprises. At present, he oversees the implementation of all business solutions with an IT component, including product development and supply chain operations. He has also been the CEO of a standard software development company delivering CRM and marketing solutions to the bank and insurance industry.

Key takeaways from Lars’ interview:

Challenges of the digital world

It’s important that companies stay true to their business ideas. Technology doesn’t necessarily change the core aspects of your operations and it’s important to push that authentic value through technology.

How IT enabling organizational growth

IT needs to integrate with business solutions to become an aligned force that works towards a singular goal of growth and innovation.

Strategies for technology evolution

Experimentation and exploration are key. Using a combination of applications with technology can radically change how customers perceive the product.

The Changing roles and responsibilities of the CXO

Leaders need to embrace technology. In the future, there will be no IT department, and it will all be blended into one arena. That will be crucial and drive the business forward.

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