Jonathan Richards

Group Digital Strategy Director
Gulf News

Gulf News is the largest news brand in the UAE and publishes the largest selling English language newspaper in the Middle East, along with providing content to millions of users on digital platforms.

Jonathan Richards has more than 29 years of IT experience across various media companies around the world. Jonathan Richards is currently leading the overall digital strategy across the Gulf News Media Group, including GN Publishing, GN Broadcast Network, and Gulf News. In the past, he worked with companies such as Ogilvy One Business, Redwood Publishing, Other Creative, Penna, TMP Worldwide, Bartlett Scott Edgar, TCS, and Stafford Long & Partners.

Key takeaways from Jonathan’s interview:

Impact of Data Analytics in the media industry

In a 24/7 we have to serve our customers across channels in a constantly changing space. This requires us to use real-time analytics to rapidly provide them with the content they need.

Changing role of a CMO in the 21st Century

CMOs have more to do more than just advertising and marketing. They are now required to engage with sales including product development and lead generation.

Digital trends contributing to Organization level changes

Technology that enables the sharing of ideas across business verticals is key. Idea sharing across the entire product life cycle requires transparency between creative, IT, finance and others. The accountability is shared, allowing for quick iterations and agile adaptive changes.

Strategies to enable a collaborative workplace with Digitalization

A key method to enable collaboration is to break down barriers between people and help them appreciate each other’s problems. Technology needs to connect people without hindering their process.

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