John Toomey

SVP - IT Infrastructure and Services
Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications is a Canadian communications and media behemoth that operates in the field of cable television, internet and telephonic connectivity and wireless communications.

John Toomey is a senior executive with over 32 years of experience in leading initiatives to reduce support costs, restructure services, and improve IT operations and infrastructure service delivery. In his current role at Rogers, John is responsible for all IT Infrastructure and services. In the past, he has worked with companies such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Ernst & Young and General Motors. He has an M.B.A. from the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Dalhousie University.

Here are some key takeaways from John’s interview:

Focus on culture

Rogers Communications believes that their industry knowledge gives them an opportunity to create platforms and frameworks which can help retrain people to think differently in today’s digital economy, and thereby enable digitization initiatives.

Transform client engagement

Rogers Communications has developed tools, apps, and solutions that transform the way they engage with their clients. Rogers works towards empowering their clients by providing them with actionable information and data on a regular and real-time basis.

Standardize technology and simplify processes

Standardizing technology platforms and using open source solutions is the key. There is also the need to simplify internal hierarchies to stay competitive in an agile environment.

Advice for aspiring leaders

The way to attract more opportunities is to be really good at the task at hand and deeply understand the overall organization. Collaboration is key to learning. Collaboration also demonstrates your position as a reliable and credible partner. 

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