Gaurav Bhatia

Vice President - Digital Strategy
AARP Services

(UPDATE: In November 2017, Gaurav Bhatia was named the CDO of NewDay USA)

AARP Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP Inc.). The company manages the entire range of products and services offered to AARP members, such as insurance, rental cars, vacation packages, consumer technology, pharmacy services, legal services, and long-term care insurance. The organization is estimated to have a membership of over 37 million people. 

Gaurav Bhatia is the Vice President of Digital Strategy at AARP Services and is also the Head of Digital for Influent50, a full-service marketing agency that is a division of AARP Services. He is responsible for managing the digital strategy of the company, and leads a team responsible for developing and executing digital capabilities for products and services across various digital channels - web, email, mobile, and social media platforms. He has extensive experience in both B2B and B2C digital marketing. Prior to AARP, he held senior marketing and digital positions at several large Fortune 500 companies including Capital One, Sabre Holdings (when it was the parent of, and NIIT Technologies.

Here are some key takeaways from Gaurav’s talk:

Customer-centricity drives digitalization

Companies are developing strategies focused on enhancing customer experience. This has two outcomes - new trends in a device-based culture and shorter roadmaps - which are inevitably the key to enhancing UX/CX. 

Technologists need to understand the end-to-end customer journey 

Today, businesses are on the lookout for talent that understands the customer’s end-to-end journey from a business, technology, and data perspective. Tech workers also need to have the vision and the ability to execute that vision. 

Adaptability trumps innovation

We are no longer looking at three-five year strategic roadmaps. Instead, we’re looking at executing projects every three months or six months. So the key is to launch fast, evaluate, correct, and then move on. 

Never stop learning

It’s critical to adopt a learning mindset and be on the lookout for sources of learning – colleagues, competitors, even your kids. Because the day you stop learning, you stop innovating. 

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