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Cynthia Stoddard

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational software company based out of San Jose, California. The company is globally recognized as a leading developer of multimedia and creativity software products such as Photoshop and Flash. The company has also diversified its products in recent years with mobility and cloud-based solutions.

As senior vice president and chief information officer of Adobe, Cynthia Stoddard oversees Adobe’s global Information Technology team. She has over 25 years of business experience and IT expertise in leading large global organizations including Adobe, Netapp, Safeway, and APL Limited. Cynthia was named among the top Women of Influence in 2016 by Silicon Valley Business Journal and recognized as one of Huffington Post’s Top 100 Most Social CIOs. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Accounting from the Western New England University, and an MBA from Marylhurst University.

Here are some key takeaways from Cynthia’s interview:

The digital transformation of traditional business

Older models relied on a monthly or weekly system but now the model requires 24/7 digital connectivity - fundamentally changing the way systems run. 

Customer-centric culture

Organizations need to focus on how to add value to the business - whether it is through enhancing revenue streams or enhancing productivity. Understanding the customer needs can help to achieve this.

Role of a CIO in the 21st Century

The role of the CIO has changed from taking requests and acting to understanding and enabling. Now, there is no wall that exists between a business organization and an IT organization, as it is prevalent in everything that they do. 

For more in-depth insights watch the video above.

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