Brian Murphy

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Dean Foods

Dean Foods is an American food and beverage company, that processes and distributes milk and dairy products in the United States. The company operates, markets and distributes over 58 national, local, and regional proprietary brands, such as Mayfield, Tuscan, DairyPure, TruMoo and Meadow Gold. 

Brian Murphy has more than 28 years of industry experience in IT leadership roles in the consumer products, IT consulting, chemical, telecommunication sector and dairy industries. Prior to becoming the CIO, Brian held various other roles of increasing responsibility across the IT landscape within Dean Foods. Brian has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University.

Here are some key takeaways from Brian’s interview:

Role of IT in driving innovation

Implementing consumer-centric strategies that value to their experience is key. It is necessary to increase customer retention as well as business expansion. For instance, Dean Foods is helping smaller customers through IT developments, like accepting mobility payments.

Transforming business dynamics

It's critical to move on from legacy roles in IT simply because today’s IT departments are becoming more like service aggregators. It is also important to drive for the “lean mentality” to lower costs, and that is where data and analytics play a big role. 

Advice to aspiring IT leaders

A broad experience is necessary. Business and IT go hand-in-hand so limiting oneself to either limits growth opportunities. It is imperative that leaders develop a strong cross domain understanding and continue to gain experience.

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