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By Jordan Smith, US Reporter, HCL Technologies Ltd.

In Massachusetts, 5G technology is helping local businesses rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted sales and slowed business. Wireless connectivity with 5G technology has allowed companies to gain an edge in an increasingly wireless world through 24/7 kiosks and even maintaining a connection when the internet goes down.

Helping small businesses regain traction

In Hingham, Mass., Verizon Wireless is helping Dependable Cleaners, a dry cleaning company, modernize its processes through 5G after the initial COVID-19 hit reduced 90 percent of their business.

In an interview with Boston 25 News, the company’s president Christa Hagearty says that her company moved to utilize technology in the early days of the pandemic providing them flexibility during uncertain times.

Verizon Business Markets President Aparna Khurjekar said that Verizon is cultivating new technologies focused on 5G at its Innovation Center near Boston’s waterfront. The shift to 5G, she says, is like “multiplying the lanes on a highway tenfold.”

Through 5G, Khurjekar says, the speed increase allows small businesses to adopt new innovations like augmented reality and virtual reality to train employees and improve customer experience.

Enabling a 5G world

In March 2022, two new 5G applications from HCLTech were introduced to help mobile network operators optimize customer experience and reduce energy consumption across both 4G and 5G infrastructures. The applications are built on HCLTech’s Augmented Network Automation Platform, a next-gen network optimization solution to enable mobile operators to manage 5G services globally through multi-vendor and multi-technology deployments in cloud or on-prem. This allows telecom companies to meet the demand of pandemic-accelerated distributed services.

HCLTech began investing in 5G technologies in 2016, focusing on how 5G tech and cloud computing allows for giant leaps in innovation. HCLTech intends to continue helping organizations across various industries to leverage 5G technology to create new opportunities in automation, cloud, and virtualization.