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Soundboard Session 3

COVID-19: Catalyst for Innovation and Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed people’s daily lives, the running of businesses, and society at large – mostly in profoundly negative ways. But is there a silver lining to the dark cloud that has been hanging over business and society for the past year, at least in the cases of large enterprises who have struggled to adjust to the pandemic business environment?

In this, the third session of the Straight Talk Soundboard panel discussions, that question is tackled by three senior technology leaders:

  • Manju Jalali, CIO, Global Foundries
  • Manesh Patel, CIO, Sanmina Corporation
  • Anil Ganjoo, Corporate VP, HCL Technologies

In the session they share their thoughts and experiences on a number of topics:

  • Has your organization benefited from innovation sparked by the pandemic experience? If so, what has been the nature of those innovations?
  • Have you gleaned any lessons about innovation that will be relevant in a post-COVID world?
  • How has the pandemic accelerated digital transformation in your organization?
  • What can companies do to maintain the pace of digital transformation after things return to normal, even if it is a ”new normal”?

Take this opportunity to learn practical tips and experience-based insights of three technology leaders