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Soundboard Session 2

How the pandemic is shifting IT priorities

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted companies in numerous ways, from forcing remote work to upending supply chains. As organizations have regained some equilibrium, though, there has been a shift in focus from immediate disruption to the pandemic’s medium- and long-term impact. With that in mind, Straight Talk has convened a panel of senior technology executives to share their thoughts and experiences on a number of topics:

  • How the coronavirus pandemic has led them to rethink their priorities
  • What sort of lessons they’re drawing from their experience
  • Which next-gen technologies are central to their plans for a post-COVID world

This is an opportunity to learn practical tips from the experience-based insights of five technology leaders:

  • Shankar Arumugavelu, Senior Vice President and Global CIO of Verizon, the mobile phone giant
  • Mike Hicks, Senior Vice President and CIO of Emergent Holdings, a leader in innovative health insurance products
  • Bhaskar Ramachandran, Vice President, and division CIO at Jabil, a global manufacturing services company
  • Colin Shenoy, Vice President Information Technology, of Nature&Co., the parent of beauty and cosmetics company Avon
  • Shashi Verma, Director of Strategy and Chief Technology Officer at Transport for London, which runs the London Underground