Resilience Through Reskilling in Financial Services | Straight Talk
In this CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we are joined by some leading minds from the world of finance and technology. They will explore the importance of reskilling for the financial services industry as it adapts to the new normal. Allow us to introduce you to our Power Panel of thought leaders. We kick things off by addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry. Enhancing customer experience while managing a distributed workforce is a tight rope walk. Of course, automation will drive major reskilling strategies. Sustainable transformation needs to begin with empathy as it relates to productivity in the workforce. Next, our panel takes on the challenges that lie on the path to an upgraded workforce. Empowering employees with the right tools and new ways of working is critical for success. Next, we discuss how organizations can integrate digital for enterprise resilience. Clearly, normalizing a remote workforce has to come first as enterprises continue to pursue better user experiences amidst an evolving paradigm. And finally, we glean some insights from real-world examples of innovation and change. There is much to be learned from the digital retail industry. And that wraps things up. Thanks to our panel for their insights and expertise. See you next time!